Love North Devon - Growing Organically and Availability Update


Work on the vegetable patch has started in earnest with the warmer and lengthening days. Above, the poly tunnel is working hard to bring on an array of crops for planting out and also a few salad crops for eating now.

It also doubles up as a "cat conservatory" as Charlie obligingly demonstrates .

 In the beds to the left are salad crops of lettuce, spring onions, radish, rocket and spinach. On the shelves are young tomatoes and aubergines and on the floor, courgettes, beans and peas that are nearly ready to go outside. There's a few cuttings of rosemary and mint and also some red Crocosmias corms we've potted on called Lucifer that should brighten up the summer borders. We've planted some edamame beans this year as a trial and instead of dwarf French beans we're growing climbing French beans this year. As an organic grower, you always have to think smart to beat pests, moving beans off the floor and growing them up in the air will definitely keep the slugs away from the produce when they mature.    

 Take a peak at the picture below and you'll see why the pol tunnel is so busy and what a challenging spring its been for veg and garden growers. The Beast from the East has held back our planting here on the farm and we're only just getting our crops in. We've started to lay some paving through the patch , its heavy work and we're about half way through, but "it's getting there " ! You can see we're using fleece to protect the cabbages, again a bit of a trial for this year so we've two rows under fleece and one without to see if it makes a difference and keeps the butterflies from laying on our brassicas (cabbage family plants that cabbage white butterflies love)

As well as cabbages the patch is nearly full with beans, peas ,carrots, onions, potatoes, beetroot, garlic, kale, broccoli, leeks, shallots, lettuce, and spinach. There's a few bare patches but they're reserved for the last remaining plants to come from the poly tunnel. Hopefully we'll be able to supply our summer guests with some tasty home grown veg when they arrive. 

 All that's left to do now is keep weeding and watering and keep the gate shut to stop the chickens from eating the lettuces, oh yes and one more thing...


get Charlie out of the poly tunnel !


If you would like to stay with us and haven't booked already please note we are filling up fast.

We have some vacancies for this month and June but very limited availability after that until September. To get an up to date picture please see the links below for more information...


Ladybird Barn Availability


Copper Kettle Cottage Availability


Hope to see you soon, 

 best wishes

Amanda & Adrian Budd X

Chris Catullo