We have a stunning setting around our “Secret” freshwater lake, with a large wooden lake house that is hidden away and can only be accessed along a magical woodland track, it’s not easy to find, secluded from the farm by the woods. 
As you walk down through the woods, you can catch a glimpse of the lake shimmering through the trees; the wooden clad lake house greets you first, sitting on the bank, enveloped with lush green meadows, and a triple tiered decking terrace.  The Lake House has 6 glazed floor to ceiling windows taking in all the views of the lake and the island.  The lake house has a pitched roof with beams and has been furnished with comfortable chairs, a writing desk and books. (a real readers retreat..) There is also an easel for the budding artist or creative types. There is no electricity, only solar powered lighting, but we can provide picnic hampers flasks and hip flasks for refreshment.  In the storage cupboard are life jackets, an assortment of junior wetsuits, waders and fishing rods. The lake is stocked with Carp and Sea Trout and budding fly fishers are welcome to cast their lines.

adrian fish.jpg

Also on the lake is a wooden jetty that juts out into the lake and is perfect for diving off for a “Wild Swim” using the ladder to climb out of the water, or perfect for boarding the rowing boat, or simply sit and dip your feet into the refreshing cool water. There is a small island that is fun to row around, and for the adventurous to climb onto.


We also have a wonderful 40 foot long fibreglass slide that glides down the hillside into the lake... (The squeals of laughter from this activity are infectious.) Around the lake is a small pebbly stream, perfect for stream walks, under the canopy of trees. Last year, an area near the lake was cleared of fallen trees, and a bog garden has been created partially in one area. The other side has dried out and been left to grow wild iris’s cow parsley and other wetland flowers.. ideal for frog spotters!! Our sons collected stones from the area, and cleared an area to make an outdoor fire pit, it’s all been cemented in, and now there are log seats and benches, perfect for a night-time fire with stories. Don’t forget to take the torches for the walk back.

Fluffy Florence, the cat, resides mainly at the lake, she graces us with a visit once a day for her food, and then meanders back down to the Lake, so she is always on hand to greet you and for you to pet her. She is in good company, as there are geese, Ducks and Moor Hens down there, as well as the Deer, who frequently drink from the lake. In the winter we have a family of otters who feed from the lake, but we don’t mind. X

Love the lake 4.JPG