The ancient woods at Down Farm are truly magical.

We are blessed with 2 woodland areas at Down Farm. The smaller wood is about 3 acres, we refer to this wood as the Christmas tree plantation, and this is where the Buzzards live alongside the resident Deer and Hares.

This is a heavenly spot to sit, with glorious views over our Valley and North Devon.  A wonderful Devonshire stone wall encloses the wood; this is where we keep the pigs sheltered from the summer sun. There is also a hay barn, which is resident to a Barn Owl, this you will hear in the distance at night calling his song...It really is magical.

Our Larger wood, about 15 acres, nestles to the south of the valley at Down Farm.  This is where you will find our  tree house, a large wooden hide with windows and a red roof,  built into the trees, with a small balcony and a rope walkway.  This has spectacular views into the canopy of the trees all around and down into the valley below.  But it’s not just for children; it makes an excellent vantage spot to sit and hideaway while you photograph the deer and other wildlife.
Pheasants live in our wood, and are always rustling around and ready to fly off as you approach them.  We have placed seats along the track, places that we think have the best views, along with freshly cut paths.  


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